A Mountain Cabin in Ruidoso, NM 


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Please confirm your dates are correct before sending us this form.   Then complete and return this entire form to us. By signing or typing the information on the blanks conveys your agreement to us. 

There are 3 ways to send it back. 

1) The best and easiest way is to copy and save this document to the body of an email. (Highlight all the text, Right Click,  and Copy.

Paste the document into the body of an e-mail. Then type in your information where there are blanks and send to Dianna@naegle.com  


2)You could also save the rental agreement to a microsoft word page, fill out the information and send it back as an attachment.


3)Print it out,(file / print) fill out the information, scan it and return it as an attachment.

Our rental agreement email address is Dianna@naegle.com . 

This agreement is hereby made between the Owners, Dale and Dianna Gibson, (also referred to as We, Our, Us), and ________________________________, Tenant, concerning the short term rental of the property located at 202 Sandia, Ruidoso, NM.

CHECK IN DATE: __________________________ (no earlier than 4:00 PM without prior approval)

CHECK OUT DATE: ________________________ (no later than 11:00) AM

# OF PEOPLE: _________________________

Please provide a cell phone number that we can reach you while you are in Ruidoso: ________________________________________

- WARNING ! Use of hot tubs present multiple risks of injury or death. Please observe proper safety precautions and supervision of children at all times.

- WARNING ! Use of hot tubs present multiple risks of injury or death. Please observe proper safety precautions and supervision of children at all times.

- We provide towels, linens, toilet paper, paper towels, other common consumables, and basic kitchen necessities.

- The outside of the front of the house may have a camera for weather monitoring purposes.

- As stated above, a $150.00 refundable damage deposit is required - to hold the reservation. This fee will be charged with the reservation. The deposit will be refunded provided that the following conditions are met:

*The Lessee will keep the premises in as good repair as found at the inception of this lease (wear and tear arising from a reasonable use of the same, and damage from the elements occurring without fault or neglect of the Lessee excepted), as at the expiration of lease term.

No evidence of smoking at the cabin is detected.
Dogs are allowed.  Maximum of 2 dogs.  Flat fee of $75 for pets.  We will require a pet rental agreement. 
No more than 8 people occupied the property during rental period.
All contents of the cabin are accounted for by maid service.
All dishes are cleaned and restored back to their original location. Cleaning and/or putting away dishes is not part of the regular maid service.
Upon departure, set the thermostat to 50 degrees F (winter) and 79 degrees F (summer).
Upon departure, secure the property by closing and locking the doors and windows.  Then place the keys back in the lock box.
No trash should be left on the premises. This includes the garage. Please take your trash to one of the dumpsters down the road next to the property as they are for public use.  Please remove all contents from the refrigerator and freezer.  
The gas grill should be cleaned of any food particles after use.
No Candles, lanterns or any portable device with an open flame may be used either inside or outside the cabin.
CAMPFIRES and FIREWORKS are not permitted under any circumstance.  THIS IS PROHIBITED BY LAW!
The hot tub use requires certain care.  Do not eat in the hot tub and make sure to put in the chlorine packets after use.   The cover must be locked on top when not in use.  There are occasional strong winds that can blow a cover off the deck, if not held in place.  Damaged covers will be replaced at the cost of the renter.   (The cost of the cover is over $400).  Use caution when opening the cover.  Flip the front half of cover over retainer bar and then flip the entire cover and bar over to the side of the hot tub. The retainer bar will make this easy for you.  Do Not take cover off of the retainer bar under any circumstances.

The fire table is available for your use.  Do not attempt to cook any food on the fire table.  Please put the lid back on the fire table once it cools down (at least an hour).  Secure the fire table cover.  Any damage to the fire table of cover will come out of your $150 damage deposit.

Parties at the cabin are prohibited.  Any evidence of parties and extra guests will be charged $500.00 for violating rental agreement.
Guests are prohibited from spending the night.  Loss of damage deposit will be incurred in this instance.
excepted), as at the expiration of lease term.
DO NOT USE CHARCOAL in the gas grill. This will result in a damaged grill that needs to be replaced.
Early check-in is forbidden without prior permission. It may certainly be possible to check in early and we will try to accommodate when available. However, on the days in which the cleaning service did a turnaround (other guests left that same morning), it will not be available until 4:00 pm. You can watch the calendar to see whether this is the case. You will be asked to leave if it is before 4:00 and there is still cleaning taking place. Sometimes the cleaning crew will be finishing up linens and leave for a few hours. This makes it seem like the property is available for check-in. Please be aware of this and abide by our request.
Checkout is 11:00 am.  This time is Firm!   If tenant is still occupying property at 11:00, the tenant will be charged $25.  If the tenant is still accupying property at 11:30 am, the credit card will be charged for an additional $50.
No excessive cleaning is required. This includes spills in the refrigerator and on stove top or oven. Normal cleaning on the stove will include scrubbing/sanitizing the top or inside of the oven. Any evidence of spills that require housekeeper to look under stove top and clean will be additional cleaning charges. Any spills in the refrigerator or freezer that require extra cleaning may result in charges. The garage should not have any stains or trash left upon departure. Trash bags are provided. Please understand that the basic cleaning charge does not account for picking up trash left in the property. If there is any trash left in the property, the cleaning service will charge the unit an extra fee. This fee will be deducted before a refund is given. Dirty trash cans should be washed. Also, damage or stains to property (especially carpet or bedding) will result in extra cleaning charges.
It is NOT necessary to launder any of the linens when you vacate the premises. If one or more of the beds are not used, please leave a courtesy note to the cleaning service so that they do not wash a clean set of sheets.
Based upon our cleaning service's review of inventory, unit flooring/carpet, furnishings conditions, and any damage, breakage or excess cleaning attributed to wear and tear in excess of normal use, costs attributed to repairs, loss and/or damage will be charged against tenant's . Loss exceeding the security damage deposit amount will be charged to the tenant. An itemized statement will be provided. Should damages be incurred, Lessor will provide Lessee with written notification and documentation of damages and related charges necessary to restore property to its original condition.
FALSIFIED RESERVATIONS - Any reservation obtained under false pretense will be subject to forfeiture of advance payment, deposit and/or rental money.  Additionally, the party will be asked to leave or not allowed to occupy the property.

*The property will have been inspected and cleaned prior to your arrival.  There may be occasions that something was missed.  If you notice any damages upon entry to the cabin,  please email or call us to let us know.  Otherwise it will be hard to prove others were at fault if it is noticed next time by our cleaning crew after you leave.

- Upon notification of the malfunction of any of the cabins amenities (TV, Phone, Hottub,etc) we shall make every effort to repair in a timely manner, but do not make any guarantees or give any refunds due to such malfunctions. We do not provide direct dial long distance telephone service at the cabin.

- The tenant shall maintain the premises in a good, clean condition and not use premises for any unlawful purposes, nor violate any law or ordinance. The tenant shall not commit waste or nuisance upon or around the premises. Due to the black bear population, please do not put trash or food outside the house or in your vehicle, trash may only be dumped in approved dumpsters, for more information see: http://www.ruidoso-info.com/natforest/nmbears.html.

- There are often times that any type of outdoor fire including smoking outdoors is prohibited by local authorities, please check the fire restrictions at the time of your visit at: http://www.ruidoso.net/forestconditions 

- If state and/or local authorities order a mandatory evacuation of an area that includes the premises or road closures that prevents tenant from occupying the premises, a nightly prorated refund will be issued. If state roads are open and tenant chooses not to begin occupancy, no refunds will be given.

-The cabin is in a hilly area and 4 wheel drive vehicles are helpful, sometimes recommended - in winter snowstorms.

- The tenant shall not sublet the property nor have more than 8 persons residing or sleeping on the premises. This includes babies.

- The tenant and tenant's guests shall hereby indemnify and hold harmless the Manager and owner against any and all claims of personal injury or property damage or loss arising from use of the premises regardless of the nature of the accident, injury or loss. Tenant agrees to pay all reasonable costs, attorney's fees and expenses that shall be incurred by Manager or owner due to enforcement of this agreement. Tenant agrees that the Manager or their respective representatives may enter the premises with notification during reasonable hours to inspect the premises, to make repairs or to show the premises to prospective purchasers or tenants. Should the tenant violate any of the terms of this agreement, the rental period shall be terminated immediately. The tenant shall vacate the premises at the expiration time and date of this agreement.

Remember, the cancellation policy that you clicked during the reservation process "I have read and understand the cancellation policy" states that refunds of 94% of prior payment will be refunded if cancellation takes place more than 30 days from the rental dates.  Within 30 days, refunds will be based on our ability to re-rent the property.  We will do everything that we can to re-rent it.  If we do...94% of payment will be refunded (save 6% for credit card costs).  If we can not re-rent the property your reservation will remain and there will be no refund.  In that case you will still have the option to stay in the property.

By signing or typing your name below, you are acknowledging that you have read, understand and accept this Vacation Rental Agreement, and you agree to its terms, rules and conditions. In addition, you agree to convey such terms, rules and conditions to any and all occupants during your stay.


DATE: _____________________

Please return this entire agreement to us via E-mail to Dianna@naegle.com

We thank you for being our guests and hope to help make your New Mexico vacation an enjoyable one! Please e-mail us with any questions you may have at  Dianna@naegle.com 

Thank You for being our guest!!